Report of the May 2011 Phuket trip

Day 3

We started at the usual time. We went up to Phang-nga in the North. Our destination was Sra Nang Manora Waterfall. The weather was still bad. Sunshine appeared in the morning but turned bad in the afternoon. The trail was water logged and impassable. We had to turn back after only a small distance. We missed a lot in this Park because I saw some nice butterflies during my past trips. We tried to go to other locations, but the weather forbade us to do so. Another spot that I suggested is the Tone Prai Waterfall and a hot spring. You can forget about the Phang-nga National Park cause it is a wet land park near the sea. You can search for other spots in the internet if you have time.


Caleta roxus

Catochrysops panormus exiguus

Papilio nephelus chaon

Atrophaneura coon doubledayi

Koruthaialos sindu sindu

Pseudocoladenia dan fabia

Sarangesa dasahara dasahara

Imbrix salsala salsala

Notocrypta paralysos asawa

Eurema sari sodalist

Appias albina, Appias paulina, Eurema hecabe

Allotinus strigatus malayanus

Tagiades litigiosus litigiosus

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