Report of June 2011 fieldtrip to Singapore

Day 5 (7th June)

The sun finally came out on the last day of our trip. As we had to catch the afternoon flight, we can only revisit a nearby butterfly spot thus we went to the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve again. We saw a Burara sp. perching on the railing once we were at the entrance. The weather was still cool and the railing was too slippery. It flew away before we got ready to shot. Nevertheless, it was a good start. We walked along the way we went on Day 2. It fared better when the sun was out. We got some good shots and went up the Summit track. We did not see many butterflies there. As time was running out, we stayed along the Wallace Trail as long as possible until we had to leave. There is a new Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3 of the Singapore Airport. We shot some more butterflies there and end our journey with loads of photos.

Troides helena cerberus (female)


Troides helena cerberus (female)


Moduza procris milonia


Graphium sarpedon luctatius


Graphium evemon eventus


Acytolepis puspa lambi


Hypolycaena erylus teatus


Jamides alecto ageladas


Neptis harita harita


Neptis harita harita


Notocrypta paralysos varians
(Photo by Manson)

Udaspes folus
(Photo by Manson)


Polyura hebe plautus


Miletus biggsii biggsii


Semanga superba deliciosa
(Photo by Ah Yin)


Semanga superba deliciosa
(Photo by Arex)


Special Thanks and Conclusion

The hospitality of our ButterflyCircle friends impressed us very much. We were being treated like VIP! Though the weather was not good during the trip, we enjoyed butterflying and sharing our field trip experience. We have to thank Mr Khew and members of the ButterflyCircle, especially Anthony and Mark who had been exhausted guiding us around, as well as Yeok Keong of Oh’ Farms. We all brought home loads of photos and the book “A field guide to the Butterflies of Singapore” personally signed by Mr Khew. As a conclusion, it was amazing that Singapore got nearly 300 species in such a relative small area and most of the places are easy to reach by public transportation. Moreover, quite a number of the common species and sub-species in Singapore were not found in Hong Kong. Despite the bad weather, the trip was rewarding and memorable. We look forward to go butterflying with friends of Singapore in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.


當我們看畢Mr Khew Sin Khoon有關新加坡蝴蝶的新書,無不為其精采內容著迷。透過會長James,我們聯繫上Mr Khew,並得到迅速答复。全賴他們兩人,我們開始計劃行程。雖然Mr Khew在我們的行程期間沒有空,但他相當熱心地召集了Butterfly Circle的一眾蝶友協助我們,使我們可以去按計劃前往新加坡。


第一天 (6月3日)

Manson和Gigi搭乘當天下午的航班先行飛往新加坡,餘下的我們則搭乘晚上的航班。為了更方便前往我們的目標蝶點,我們留宿於Sloane Court Hotel,這是一家較接近Bukit Timah Nature Reserve的特色酒店。由於我們沒有租借汽車,且蝶點距離不遠,我們可乘出租車前往不同地方。第一天並有沒有活動的。


第二天 (6月4日)

大清早,縱使天氣預測並不樂觀,ButterflyCircle的東道主Mark和Antony前來與我們會合。我們先到附近的大排檔享用早餐。吃過早餐以後,雨雖尚未停下,但我們還是開始了當天的行程。我們前往Bukit Timah Nature Reserve附近的Dairy Farm Nature Reserve,在那裡,Butterfly Cicle的另外兩名成員Ben Yam及Yao Yang加入了我們的行列。有一個自行車道和步行道內的許多儲備。在保護區內,有一條越野單車徑及一系列的步行徑。經過越野單車徑,我們開始沿著單車徑旁的草地前行。第一種迎接我們的蝴蝶是美眼蛺蝶 (Peacock Pansy)。它跟我們在香港的雖屬不同亞種,但看起來非常相似。全賴Mr Khew的書,我們找到並辨認出所有新加坡的眉眼蝶屬蝴蝶,加上兩天後才拍到的Mycalesis fusca (Malayan Bush Brown),我們已拍得所有的眉眼蝶屬蝴蝶。一陣短暫的陽光過後,雨又開始下雨了。我們只好折返入口的休憩亭等待雨勢停下。隨後,我們開始沿著Wallace Trail走。我們有幸遇上了花灰蝶 Flos apidanussaturatus在遠處降落,但沒有人能夠在飛走前拍到好照片了。事實上,只有巨熊及我看到它。在往後數天的旅程,我們也沒有再看到任何花灰蝶了。隨著天色轉暗及開始下大雨,我們返回酒店。當晚,我們在老巴剎享用各式地道美食。

Junonia almanac javana

Anthene emolus globerus

Leptosia nina malayana

Curetis Santana malayana

Tagiades ultra

Hypolimnas anomala anomala

Eurema hecabe contubernalis

Tanaecia iapis puseda (female)

Flos apidanus saturates
(photo by Arex)


Flos apidanus saturates


Potanthus omaha omaha

Allotinus unicolor unicolor
(Photo by Gigi)


Badamia exclamationis


Baoris sp.


Caltoris cormasa


Telicota besta bina


Jamides celeno aelianus

Papilio demolion demolion


Pelopidas mathias mathias


Faunis canens arcesilas


Labadea martha parkeri

Polytremis lubricans lubricans


Mycalesis mineus macromalayana


Mycalesis orseis nautilus


Mycalesis perseoides perseoides

Mycalesis visala phamis


Mycalesis perseus cepheus

Mycalesis perseus cepheus


Caleta elna elvira

Catopsilia pomonapomonaForm-pomona


Eurema simulatrix tecmessa

Nacaduba berenice icena


Vindula dejone erotella

Vindula dejone erotella


Loxura atymnus fuconius

Loxura atymnus fuconius


Drupadia ravindra moorei (male)

Drupadia ravindra moorei (male)

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