Encyclopedia of Hong Kong Butterflies – Search for Butterflies香港蝴蝶百科 – 尋蝶篇

Features 本書特色

  • A collection of 64 spots/trails for butterfly watching in Hong Kong
  • Distribution of butterflies in Hong Kong
  • 全書收錄64個香港觀蝶熱點,提供詳盡觀蝶路線資料
  • 提供蝴蝶品種於香港境內之分佈資料

Suggested retail price is HK$98. 建議零售價為港幣98元.

Note: The book was written in Traditional Chinese.

Purchasing HKLS Publications 購買香港鱗翅目學會刊物

Route Map_Cover

Some sample pages 一些樣本 :

Route Map_Content 1

Route Map_Content 2

Note to readers: Missing Page 181 讀書請留意: 第181頁缺頁

Due to printing error, page 181 was missing from the book. Readers may download the missing page here:

因印刷錯誤, 本書第181頁缺頁. 讀者可在此下載該頁內容:

Downloading Missing Page 181  下載本書第181頁



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