New books added to Library 新書上架

New books added to Library

Caterpillars of Singapore’s Butterflies by H. Tan & S.K. Khew

Shan Xi Sheng Liu Zu Dong Wu (Kunchong) Ming Lu I王瑞 et al.

Culture and Appreciation of Butterflies 顾茂彬 陈佩珍 著

Culture and Appreciation of Insects 顾茂彬 陳仁利 著

Moths of Guangdong Nan Ling National Nature Reserve by Wang Min et al

新添加書籍現在已在HKLS辦公室參考圖書館 :

Caterpillars of Singapore’s Butterflies 作者H. Tan & S.K. Khew

山西省六足动物(昆虫)名录I 作者 王瑞等

蝴蝶文化 – 顾茂彬 陈佩珍 著

昆虫文化 – 顾茂彬 陳仁利 著

廣東南玲國家級自然保護區蛾類 – 作者王敏等人

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  1. YY Lai says:

    I wish to buy some books published by the Society. Prefer to buy them at the Society office. Grateful if you inform me when the office will be open in April 2016. Thanks a lot.

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