HKLS Collections

HKLS has over the years accumulated a fair amount of books on butterflies, moths and plants and specimens donated by collectors as well. 

We have prepared a listing of all books in our possession with colour photographs as well as specimens on hand in the following pages. They will be updated from time to time.

We will make available resource materials to students and natural science enthusiasts if so required for education and science. The genitalia of certain butterfly species will be available for examination in the future as well.

At the same time, we are open to accepting donations of all kinds of specimens from collections as well as books. We do not wish that these beautiful natural canvasses and books will end up in landfills.

If you see any mistakes, please let us know.

  • Specimen (Open to public.  Appointment required)
  • Books (Members only)


  • 標本 (關放予公眾,可預約參觀)
  • 書本 (僅限會員)


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