Search for Butterflies – World Series《尋蝶篇 – 海外之旅》系列

The Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society wishes to take local butterfly nuts away from Hong Kong in search of other butterfly paradises. Kakamega Forest of Kenya is the first of this series.


Vol 1. Kakamega Forest, Kenya, Africa 非洲肯尼亞的卡卡梅加森林KakamegaForest, Kenya

Some sample pages 一些樣本 :



Vol 2. Nanling National Nature Reserve, Guangdong PRC 廣東南嶺國家級自然保護區  book_cover2_131007A_op


Some sample pages 一些樣本 :

page 24- 25


page 28 - 29page 86-87page 150-151Purchasing HKLS Publications


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