Pictorial Guide Books for Moths 蛾類圖鑑


HKLS will embark to publish a series of pictorial guide books for Hong Kong moths with Dr. Roger Kendrick as our editor in coming years.
We will try to show all recorded species of Hong Kong by specimens and live photographs in situ if possible.

本會計劃在未來數年出版一系列的香港蛾類圖鑑,並非常榮幸獲香港蛾類專家Dr. Roger Kendrick出任主編。

The first volume covers five families with 120 species including Zygaenidae, Sphingidae, Bombycidae, Eupterotidae and Saturniidae. It is A5 in size with 64 pages.
Suggested retail price is HK$75.


Cover and Sample

Pictorial Guide Book of Hong Kong Moths – Volume Two

香港蛾類圖鑑 < 第二卷>

cover and sample combined


                Hepialidae 蝙蝠蛾科; Lacturidae 擬斑蛾科;   Phaudidae 榕蛾科;       

                Limacodidae 刺蛾科;    Callidulidae 錨紋蛾科; Drepanidae 鉤翅蛾科;              

                Lasiocampidae 枯葉蛾科; Endromidae 樺蛾科; Uraniidae 燕蛾科;    

                Notodontidae 舟蛾科

There are 80 pages with over 100 species illustrated for 10 families. Suggested retail price is HK$75. 80頁超過100種在這10科建議零售價為港幣75元


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