Purchasing HKLS Publications購買香港鱗翅目學會刊物

HKLS publication is sold at HKLS office.  While there is no scheduled office hour, please contact info@hkls.org for further information and arrangements.香港鱗翅目學會刊物僅於本會辦公室出售. 由於本會並無固定辦公時間, 請電郵至 info@hkls.org 查詢詳情及安排.


There are three ways at present to buy our books:

1) At our office – when it is open though it is irregular and is on the weekdays. Do check our official opening day under the Activities column;

2) By SF courier  – the delivery charge including handling for the first kilogram will be $30, thereafter depending on the weight. SF courier will charge an additional $30 for delivery in “far reached places”.  If you wish to buy using courier service, please write to info@hkls.org for inquiry which books you wish to buy, delivery address or SF collecting stores that you wish to pick up yourself, your name and phone number. We will then advise you of our related charges;

3) For overseas buyers, we accept Western Union for payment. Please write to info@hkls.org for further inquiry.

Thanks for your interest.

James Young

N.B. HKLS reserves the right to change any of the related charges, services and terms without prior notice.


Book-order 23-12-2018

1)親臨本會選購 – 本會辦公室一般於工作日開放,由於沒有固定日期及時間,請先查看本會網頁中活動欄下的辦公室開放日;

2)快遞(順豐速運) – 首公斤運費約為港幣$30,其後收費將根據重量計算,另”偏遠地區”順豐速運將額外收取港幣$30附加費。如閣下想通過快遞方式購買,請把想購買的書籍名稱及數量,收貨地址,或順豐收發點的地址( 偏遠地區的客戶可選擇自行到各區的順豐收發點取貨,免卻港幣$30附加費。)收貨人姓名及電話號碼,電郵至info@hkls.org與我們聯絡,我們將盡快為閣下報價;

3)對於海外買家,我們接受西聯匯款。 請寫信至info@hkls.org進一步查詢。


會長 楊建業

注意 – 香港鱗翅目學會保留隨時修改此收費表, 終止服務及修改有關條款之權利, 而無需另行通知.

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