Encyclopedia of Hong Kong Butterflies – Butterfly Identification (2nd Edition)香港蝴蝶百科 – 辨蝶篇 (第二版)


  • A photographic collection of 255 species of Hong Kong butterflies
  • Over 1200 photos of live butterflies
  • Features of similar species are highlighted

Additional records of butterflies in 2nd Edition

  • Metapa cresta (Fringed Redeye)
  • Tongeia filicaudis (Spot Cupid)
  • Prosotas dubiosa (Purple Line Blue)
  • Libythea celtis (Club Beak)
  • Lethe chandica (Angled Red Forester)
  • Euthalia niepelti (Green Skirt Baron)

Suggested retail price is HK$98.

Note: The book was written in Traditional Chinese.

Purchasing HKLS Publications


  • 全書收錄255往香港蝴蝶圖片
  • 品種最齊全的香港蝴蝶書籍
  • 刊載超過1200張蝴蝶生態照片
  • 圖示分辨相似蝴蝶品種的特徵, 引領讀者輕易掌握辨認蝴蝶的技巧


  • Metapa cresta (羽瑪弄蝶)
  • Tongeia filicaudis (點玄灰蝶)
  • Prosotas dubiosa (疑波灰蝶)
  • Libythea celtis (棒紋喙蝶)
  • Lethe chandica (曲紋黛眼蝶)
  • Euthalia niepelti (綠裙邊翠蛺蝶)



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