Survey Programme at Siu Lang Shui

Dear Members

You are invited to join our survey programme at Siu Lang Shui area. Duration will start from Mid Oct 2013 to End Jan, 2014. The survey will take 2-3 times a week. We will announce the details later. Interested members pls email to Mr Louis Chow , for application. This activity is restricted to HKLS members only. Member will receive a confirmation e-mail to confirm his or her application. Thank you!


誠邀各位參與本會舉辦之小冷水蝴蝶調查活動,是次活動將於2013年10月中至2014年1月底進行,其間需每星期兩至三天實地調查,詳情日後公佈,活動只限會員參加,有興趣報名的會員請電郵Mr Louis Chow報名,會員需收到本會電郵確應作實。謝謝!


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