EGM on 17-Nov-2013 will not be convened as scheduled

Please kindly be informed that the Extraordinary General Meeting (the “EGM”) of Members of HONG KONG LEPIDOPTERISTS’ SOCIETY LIMITED (“HKLS”) to be held at 2:30pm on 17th November, 2013 will not be convened as scheduled.  At the original time and venue, a council meeting will be held.  All members are welcomed.  The official notice has been sent to the members by e-mail.  We have explained the reasons in the official notice.  Please accept our apologize for any inconvenience caused.現通知各會員原定於2013年11月17日下午2:30舉行之香港鱗翅目學會有限公司(“本會”)特別會員大會(“大會”)將無法如期舉行,取而代之,本會將於相同之時間及地點將會舉行理事會會議。歡迎任何會員參加。 有關大會無法召開的通告,已透過電子郵件發到會員手上,當中說明大會無法如期舉行的原因。 對於為會員帶來不便, 理事會謹此致歉。

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