Members only – “Butterlies in Hainan Island” with Author Signature

The author of “Butterflies in Hainan Island” visited Hong Kong for exchanging experiences in public exhibitions.  A small quantity of “Butterflies in Hainan Island” is available for sales to members.  Each member is entitled to purchase up to one copy only.  Interested member please submit your name and contact number to for registration.  Our council member will reply on the pick up arrangement.  The dead line will be 5th January, 2014.

On the other hand, former members with membership expired may re-subscribe membership again to enjoy the member’s privileges.  The re-subscription fee is HK$150.  However, membership for 2103-2014 will be valid till April 2014.《海南島蝴蝶書》作者顧茂彬老師早前來香港與本會交流, 為本會會員親筆簽名他的著作, 只限會員購買, 價格為HK$100數量有限, 先到先得, 每位會員限購一本, 售完即止. 有興趣之會員請把姓名, 電話, 發至info@hkls.org電郵登記, 截止日期為: 2014年1月5日., 負責幹事會儘快聯繫取書方法.

另外, 未有續會之舊會員如有意續會, 可以直接付會費HK$150.00續會, 隨後可享會員優惠,唯會藉有效期至2014年4月止。

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