EGM, Oversea Butterfly Watching Sharing (Chiang Mai), and Annual BBQ on 5-Jan (Sunday)

Dear Members

To encourage more people to participate the EGM. I will present an oversea butterfly watching sharing session immediately following the EGM. This time, I will talk about Chiang Mai. All members are welcomed. Apart from photo and video sharing, I will provide accurate and detailed geographic information of major spots. Tips for self-driving and transportation hiring will be available. Since March and April will be the best season for butterfly watching in Chiang Mai, members should have sufficient time to plan a trip for coming March and April. The sharing will guide you to find the sea of butterflies yourselves. You may have never imagine that planning such an oversea trip can be so easy. Interested member should not miss.


為鼓勵更多會員參加EGM,緊接在EGM之後, 我將主講一節海外觀蝶分享,今次談的目的地是清邁,歡迎所有會員參加。 除照片及影片分享外,我將提供主要賞蝶地點之準確及詳細之地理資訊,並提供自駕方面的注意事項及聘用接送等交通資訊。由於三/四月是清邁賞蝶的最佳季節,各會員在講座後應有充分的時間計劃今年三/四月的旅程。此講將讓大家自己親自找出清邁蝶海。大家過去可能沒有想像過籌備海外行程是如此簡單的,有興趣的會員切勿錯過。


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