Notocrypta paralysos 窄紋袖弄蝶

窄紋袖弄蝶 Notocrypta paralysos

The first photographic record of  adult in the wild of HK



HKLS is always devoted herself to the science of lepidopterology. In recent years, Mr. James Young is conducting a study of HK skippers and has discovered eggs and larvae of Notocrypta paralysos, a species never been recorded before, in various places in Hong Kong. However, its adult form was still hard to find despite the wide spread of immature forms in the wild. It was until April 2014, a HKLS member managed to have a sighting in Lantau Island and got a first photographic record of the adult in the wild. This sighting also complemented the missing information of the study of HK skippers.

HKLS will announce details of Notocrypta paralysos in near future. Please stay tuned.

N. paralysos-final

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