Pictorial Guide Books for Moths 蛾類圖鑑

I am pleased to announce that HKLS will embark to publish a series of pictorial guide books for Hong Kong moths with Dr. Roger Kendrick as our editor in coming years.

本會計劃在未來數年出版一系列的香港蛾類圖鑑,並非常榮幸獲香港蛾類專家Dr. Roger Kendrick出任主編。

We will kick start the first volume on five families including Saturniidae, Bombycidae, Eupterotidae, Uraniidae (part) and IMG-20140702-WA0001-uploadZygaenidae.

圖鑑系列計劃分階段推出,第一冊將包含蛾, 蠶蛾, 帶蛾, 燕蛾(部份)及斑蛾等五科的蛾類。

We will try to show all recorded species of Hong Kong by specimens and live photographs in situ if possible.


Any member who wishes to contribute his or her moth photographs, please send them to info@hkls.org.


Your photographs if published will be duly acknowledged and credited accordingly.


James Young 




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