2015 Annual General Meeting 2015年會員週年大會

The 2015 AGM was duly convened at 2:30 pm on 25th April 2015 at HKLS office today. The following persons were elected as Councils for 2015 – 2016:

年度會員週年大會已於2015年4月25日下午2:30 在香港鱗翅目學會會址正式召開, 並順利通過各項決議案。2015-16 年度理事會成員如下:

Mr. James John YOUNG 楊建業 Chairman
Ms. Chong Shong Jojo WU 吳滄桑 Secretary and Treasurer
Ms. Yee Kwan WONG 王怡君
Mr. Shiu Man YAU 丘紹文
Ms. Po Chu Shirley YU 余寶珠

Two special resolutions to prohibit giving any allowance or remuneration to any member of the Society, and to set the number of members of the Council not less than 5% of the total number of life members and or not less than four, of which all Councils must be life time members were also passed with majority over 84% and 95% respectively.


“禁止提供任何形式的津貼或報酬予本會任何會員” 及 “理事會成員人數在該財政年度內不得少於終身會員總人數的百分之五和或不低於四位,理事會成員必須為本會終身會員” 分别以超過84 %和95 %的贊成票獲得正式通過 。

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