Hong Kong Moth Series Progress Report 香港蛾類圖鑑系列進展報告

The 1st volume was published on 22nd December 2014 with five families namely Zygaenidae, Sphingidae, Bombycidae, Eupterotidae and Saturniidae. It has 64 pages, soft bound with listed price for HK$75. It sold at a discount for HK$60 at the Fanling Show.

To our patrons, we have started to work on volume Two and probably volume Three to be made available for the coming 2015 Hong Kong Book Fair. The 2nd Volume will include the following families: Callidulidae, Erebidae, Lacturidae, Limacodidae, Phaudidae and Uraniidae.

卷一圖鑑已於2014年12月22日出版, 書中包含斑蛾科、 天蛾科、 蠶蛾科、帶蛾科和王蛾科共五科的蛾類。全書合共六十四頁,平裝定價HK$75 並以優惠價HK$60 在2014北區花鳥蟲魚展發售。

為了答謝大家的支持,我們已著手於卷二的出版工作,並期望卷三能在2015的書展前出版。圖鑑卷二將包括以下六科蛾類:錨紋蛾科、 裳蛾科、  擬斑蛾科、刺蛾科、榕蛾科及 燕蛾科。

Parasa lepida-upload

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Skippers added to Red Data Endangered Species Listing 弄蝶加入紅色瀕危物種名單

We have recommended the following skipper butterflies to the Hong Kong Terrestrial Biodiversity Working Group as Priority species to be included in their Red Data Listing :

本會已向香港陸地生物多樣性工作小組提出建議, 把以下蝴蝶作為優先品種列入紅色瀕危物種名單中:

1) Hasora vitta (Butler, 1870) 緯帶趾弄蝶;

2) Halpe pauper Devyatkin, 2002 珀酣弄蝶;

3) Taractrocera maevius (Fabricius, 1793) 薇黃弄蝶;

4) Thoressa monastyrskyi Devyatkin, 1996 黑斑陀弄蝶.

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1st Volume – Pictorial Guide book of Hong Kong Moths 香港蛾類圖鑑第一冊

We are happy to announce our 1st volume of the Pictorial Guide book of Hong Kong Moths will be ready for Christmas at the Fanling Show


Cover and Sample


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北區花鳥蟲魚展覽會 The North District Flower Bird Insect And Fish Show

HKLS show各位:                                                                      


同時歡迎各位會員前來參與書籍售賣的義務工作,有興趣的會員請電郵至 ngjojo@rocketmail.com報名,具體的營業地點、日期及時間如下:


2014年12月23日                          下午1時至6時

2014年12月24日至28日             上午9時30分至下午6時

2014年12月29日                          上午9時30分至下午5時




Hi All :

The North District Flower Bird Insect And Fish Show is scheduled to open on 23rd December 2014 at Fanling this year. As in the past, HKLS will operate a booth at the Show. We welcome any insects and butterflies enthusiasts to visit us and buy our books at the same time.

Any members who wish to participate, please send an email to ngjojo@rocketmail.com to register.

The place, time and date are as follows:

Place: Booth 25, Fanling Recreation Ground, San Wan Road, Fanling, N.T.

23rd December 2014                         1pm to 6pm;

24th to 28th December 2014               9:30am to 6:00pm

29th December 2014                           9:30am to 5:00pm

The time slot will be divided into two sessions of morning and afternoon from 24th to 29th December 2014. Please note down in your email which days and slots you wish to participate. We will revert back to you accordingly.



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General Insect Taxonomy (Chinese) 昆蟲分類學的基本原理

Type - labelling ( RED )

Type – labelling ( RED )

 WE have added a topic on general Insect Taxonomy under the column HONG KONG BUTTERFLIES              (Chinese). It shows a holotype and paratype with their labels.

我們在香港蝴蝶的欄目內(只供中文)新增了一項題材 : 昆蟲分類學的基本原理, 除了介紹昆蟲分類的基本知識及理論, 當中也顯示了一隻模式和一隻副模式標本及其標籤。

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  • 4th November 2014 from 9:30am for fumigating;
  • 5th August 2014 from 9:30am;
  • 29th July 2014 from 9:30am;
  • 15th July 2014 from 9:30am;
  • 5th July 2014 from 9:30am and afterwards 2:30pm for Council Meeting ;
  • 2nd July 2014 from 9.30am;
  • 18th June 2014 from 9:30am for cleaning;
  • 17th June 2014 from 9:30am for fumigating;
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HKLS Publications 香港鱗翅目學會書籍

Our books will be on sale at the Hong Kong Entomological Society’s booth 1C-E40 during the Book Fair from 16th to 22nd July 2014

在16-22/7書展期間,本會出版的書籍將於”香港昆蟲學會”攤位 1C-E40 以書展價出售。


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Butterfly Surveys 蝴蝶普查

The report of our 1st scheduled butterfly survey on Tai Shek Mo is now posted under ACTIVITIES Column. If any member wishes to join our survey team, please let us know. Our team coordinator will consider your request and contact you accordingly.


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Pictorial Guide Books for Moths 蛾類圖鑑

I am pleased to announce that HKLS will embark to publish a series of pictorial guide books for Hong Kong moths with Dr. Roger Kendrick as our editor in coming years.

本會計劃在未來數年出版一系列的香港蛾類圖鑑,並非常榮幸獲香港蛾類專家Dr. Roger Kendrick出任主編。

We will kick start the first volume on five families including Saturniidae, Bombycidae, Eupterotidae, Uraniidae (part) and IMG-20140702-WA0001-uploadZygaenidae.

圖鑑系列計劃分階段推出,第一冊將包含蛾, 蠶蛾, 帶蛾, 燕蛾(部份)及斑蛾等五科的蛾類。

We will try to show all recorded species of Hong Kong by specimens and live photographs in situ if possible.


Any member who wishes to contribute his or her moth photographs, please send them to info@hkls.org.


Your photographs if published will be duly acknowledged and credited accordingly.


James Young 




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Photo for our Society 學會照片

Hi All Members

We are planning to do a card for our Society and wish to obtain a photograph of the Troides helena spilotia 裳鳳蝶, to be printed on the front  cover of our card. If you think you have a great photograph, please let me know .


James Young



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