Photo for our Society 學會照片

Hi All Members

We are planning to do a card for our Society and wish to obtain a photograph of the Troides helena spilotia 裳鳳蝶, to be printed on the front  cover of our card. If you think you have a great photograph, please let me know .


James Young



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Another new record – 橙翅傘弄蝶 Bibasis jaina jaina

Bibasis jaina jaina 橙翅傘弄蝶 another new record for Hong Kong


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Notocrypta paralysos 窄紋袖弄蝶

窄紋袖弄蝶 Notocrypta paralysos

The first photographic record of  adult in the wild of HK



HKLS is always devoted herself to the science of lepidopterology. In recent years, Mr. James Young is conducting a study of HK skippers and has discovered eggs and larvae of Notocrypta paralysos, a species never been recorded before, in various places in Hong Kong. However, its adult form was still hard to find despite the wide spread of immature forms in the wild. It was until April 2014, a HKLS member managed to have a sighting in Lantau Island and got a first photographic record of the adult in the wild. This sighting also complemented the missing information of the study of HK skippers.

HKLS will announce details of Notocrypta paralysos in near future. Please stay tuned.

N. paralysos-final

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Looking forward 2014 – 2015 2014年至2015年展望

To All Members

               Forward looking

The weekday work shop will resume. The date will be announced from time to time on our HKLS website. There may be another work shop for the weekend. However, it depends on our members participation.

The 1st work shop will start at 9:30am on 17th June 2014. There will be a lot of follow up work to be done including fumigating our specimen boxes, inventoring our books and specimens and of course cleaning our HKLS office.

The projects for the year that we envisage to carry out are :

1)   Butterfly survey – publishing last year results and designing this year location. We are still looking for a coordinator for the survey;

2)   Id works for several species including investigating references, dissecting of genitalia and wing venation analysis of connecting points for the following species:

a)    Ypthima imitans Elwes & Edwards, 1893 vs Ypthima motschulskyi (Bremer & Grey, 1853);

b)   Curetis acuta Moore, 1877 vs Curetis dentata Moore, 1879 ( same species for correction of names in HK);

c)    Heliophorus epicles (Godart, [1824]) vs Heliophorus ila (de Nicéville & Martin, [1896]);

We plan to offer talks on butterflies once every two months.

Volume 5 of our life history series is planned to go ahead depending finding a coordinator. We should have some ideas in coming weeks.

For the moth lovers, I hope to start working on some life histories of macro moth families. However, it again depends on our members involvement.

If you are interested and wish to join, please let me know.

James Young


014/15 本會的工作計畫





1) 蝴蝶調查 – 公佈去年調查結果、落實本年度的調查地點。本會將物色一位義務調查統籌員以主理調查項目。

2) 為以下數種本地物種確定身份的研究,方法包括文獻研究、解剖生殖器、翅脈連結點分析等:

a) 擬四眼矍眼蝶 Ypthima imitans (Elwes & Edwards, 1893) 與 東亞矍眼蝶Ypthima motschulskyi (Bremer & Grey, 1853);
b) 尖翅銀灰蝶 Curetis acuta (Moore, 1877) 與 同名的 尖翅銀灰蝶Curetis dentata (Moore, 1879) ~ (可能是相同品種,研究能為香港的物種正名)
c) 斜斑彩灰蝶 Heliophorus epicles (Godart, 1824) 與 紅邊黃小灰蝶Heliophorus ila (de Nicéville & Martin, 1896);

~ 計劃每2個月舉辦一次蝴蝶講座
~ 如有適合人選作統籌,本會考慮出版有關蝴蝶生命史的<香港蝴蝶圖誌。第五冊>
~ 如有適合人選參與,本會考慮開展大型蛾類生命史的工作

如各位會員對以上義務工作有興趣的話,請聯絡本會( )

楊建業  主席

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New Council Members for 2014 2014年6月15日新任理事會成員

The following people were elected during  AGM on 15th June 2014  for the year:


James John YOUNG 楊建業  as Chairman 主席

WU Chong Shong 吳滄桑       as Secretary 秘書

HO Sui Chang 何瑞章             as Treasurer 財務

CHOI Kim Pang, Harry 蔡劍鵬

CHAN Fong Ling 陳芳玲

LAI Yee Kwan 黎綺君

CHAU Wai Ki 周偉基

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Annual AGM Meeting週年會員大會

Dear Members

Our Annual General Meeting(AGM) wl be held on June 15th.,2014. We are pleased to invite you to join our AGM at the following meeting time.

Date : June 15th., 2014
Time : 02:30pm
Place : HKLS Tuen Mun Office

Looking forward to see you at our AGM. Thank you!

Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society
14th May 2014


日期 : 2014年6月15日(星期日)
時間 : 下午2:30
地點 : 本會會址


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AGM and 2014-15 Council Board 會員大會及籌組2014-15年度委員會

To all members

As the account audit is still in progress, the date of the AGM will be announced later once the audit is done.

The 2013-14 year has just ended.  None of the current council members plans to stay in the board.  HKLS will need at least six members to become new member of the council.  Interested members are welcomed.  If you are interested, please follow up under the related thread in the HKLS discussion forum.

Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society各位會員

有關會員大會之日期, 因會計核數工作之進行中, 待確定完成日期後隨即公佈.



香港鱗翅目學會 謹啟

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Change of Domain Name for HKLS Official Discussion ForumHKLS官方討論區更改網址

HKLS official discussion forum has been changed to All contents and log in settings remain unchanged.  If there is any issue, please feel free to report.HKLS官方討論區網址改為, 所有內容及登入設定依舊. 如有任何疑問, 請提出報告.

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Announcement of Dr.Lee Ping Chung Resignation form the Position as Chairman of HKLS李炳翀醫生辭任香港鱗翅目學會會長

Dear Members
Please be informed that Dr Lee Ping Chung have resigned fm the Council and Chairman of HKLS fm 05th Jan.,2014 , The rest of the council wl handle the administration work of HKLS until the ending date of term. Thank you .

KAN, Suk Ching Jennie 簡淑貞 as Secretary
NG Sau Shan Suki 吳秀珊 as Treasurer
CHAN, Hoi Sze Rachel 陳凱思
LI, Siu Hong Arex 李肇康
NG, Ka Leong Eric 伍家亮
WONG, Yee Kwan Tina 王怡君

HKLS Councils
14th Jan.,2014各位會員


KAN, Suk Ching Jennie 簡淑貞 as Secretary
NG Sau Shan Suki 吳秀珊 as Treasurer
CHAN, Hoi Sze Rachel 陳凱思
LI, Siu Hong Arex 李肇康
NG, Ka Leong Eric 伍家亮
WONG, Yee Kwan Tina 王怡君


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2014年1月5日EGM 投票結果


有關2014年1月5日EGM就議題 : “你是否讚成會員以後為學會工作,純粹義務性質,沒有任何報酬或津貼?”, 當日會員大會以15票讚成,5票反對,4票棄權。議案穫得通過。
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