2013 Butterfly monitoring project & Butterfly ID course

2013 Butterfly monitoring project – TSM (MEMBER ONLY)

The project will kick off the trail walk on 2nd March 2013 to map out the detailed route for coming formal recording.  The project leader is Eric NG ericng.hkls@gmail.com. He will be contacting individual members who sign up the project.

The second more demanding monitoring project – TLS will announce later on. The project leader is Louis CHOW louissmchow@gmail.com.

To refresh members, especially those joining the monitoring project a comprehensive butterfly id course will be held on the following date. Please register by sending an email to activity@hkls.org for the attention of Eric NG.
Butterfly ID Course

Time 10th March 2013 10:00am to 4;00pm (Sunday)
Place: HKLS office
Speakers: Eric Ng & James Young
Limited to HKLS members

To register: send your name to activity@hkls.org for attention Eric NG
Please bring HKLS butterfly Id book to class2013年蝴蝶調查項目 – TSM(只限會員)

2013年蝴蝶調查項目將於2013年3月2日第一次試行,以便制訂未來的詳細及正式路線。該項目負責人為伍家亮 ericng.hkls@ gmail.com。他稍後會聯絡已登記參予這項目的會員。

另一個比較苛刻的監測項目 – TLS詳情稍後公佈。該項目負責人是周瑞明先生 louissmchow@gmail.com。

為讓會員溫故知新,尤其是參加了蝴蝶調查的會員, 本會將在以下日期舉辦一蝴蝶辨認講座,歡迎所有會員參加,如欲報名,請發電郵至 activity@hkls.org 伍家亮先生收 。


時間: 2013年 3月10日 早上 10:00 – 16:00  (星期日)
地點: 本會會址
講者: 伍家亮生收 & 楊建業生收

名額: 只限會員
報名: 請把姓名電郵到activity@hkls.org , 伍家亮先生收

備註: 參加者請帶備辨蝶篇

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