Unethical behaviour

With the recent increased popularity of digital photography, many people begin to take up butterfly photography as their hobby. However, when we are enjoying ourselves, we have to be careful avoiding damage to our ecological environment.  Recently, we were informed by a butterfly enthusiast that there were two butterflies stuck on leaves with a glue-like substance at Shui Hau, Lantau Island. It would be unethical and disgrace if it is true.  Most of us would agree that butterflies show their beauty when they are in flight and resting naturally.  If fixing them with a glue-like substance, it is equivalent to homicide.

We believe that most butterfly-lovers would not hurt them deliberately.

In addition, please beware not to step on plants when taking photographs. They are most likely butterflies’ host and nectar plants. Do always take precaution and to protect our country side.

Attached below are two photographs provided by the butterfly enthusiast. Please note that the legs of two butterflies are fixed with a glue-like substance. They seem to have died already.


Bibasis oedipodea 黑斑傘弄蝶

Ants consuming the dead butterfly (Bibasis oedipodea 黑斑傘弄蝶)


Ixias pyrene 橙粉蝶

The eyes went black after death (Ixias pyrene 橙粉蝶)

近年由於數碼相機的普及,令很多人投入攝影愛好者行列,而蝴蝶攝影亦是大家喜歡的攝影題材。但是大家在享受攝影樂趣之餘亦請留意自己會否無意間破壞生態環境。 近日有觀蝶愛好者在大嶼山水口灣懷疑有人用類似膠水的物質將蝴蝶固定在樹葉上拍照,若是屬實,這些缺德行為十分可恥。相信大家都同意蝴蝶自然停留及飛舞的姿態最美,將牠們用類似膠水的物質固定,等同間接殺害牠們。

本會相信各位都是蝴蝶愛好者,不會刻意傷害牠們。另外,各位在攝影的同時亦需注意不要隨意踐踏到周圍的植物, 因為這些極可能是蝴蝶的寄主或蜜源。請多注意, 保護郊野的環境, 謝謝!



Bibasis oedipodea 黑斑傘弄蝶

蟻群啄食已死的蝴蝶 (Bibasis oedipodea 黑斑傘弄蝶)

Ixias pyrene 橙粉蝶

眼睛於死後轉成黑色 (Ixias pyrene 橙粉蝶)

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