HKLS New Book at Hong Kong Book Fair


In this book, you will find the key techniques that cater for the humid conditions in Hong Kong, what tools and materials to be used and where to buy. These techniques are tried and illustrated pictorially steps by steps from relaxing to setting specimens and finally dissecting their genitalia. In addition, the steps in making wing venation are the first time to be published using handy tools and materials. 在香港潮濕的天氣和環境下,製作昆蟲標本要採取特別步驟和工具,本書詳細介紹各種工具和物料的使用。這些步驟由標本軟化至插針定形,以至最後的性器官解剖等,都經過翻覆試驗,以圖解方式將各步驟呈現眼前。此外翅脈製作的部份亦是首次在香港發表。

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