Skippers added to Red Data Endangered Species Listing 弄蝶加入紅色瀕危物種名單

We have recommended the following skipper butterflies to the Hong Kong Terrestrial Biodiversity Working Group as Priority species to be included in their Red Data Listing :

本會已向香港陸地生物多樣性工作小組提出建議, 把以下蝴蝶作為優先品種列入紅色瀕危物種名單中:

1) Hasora vitta (Butler, 1870) 緯帶趾弄蝶;

2) Halpe pauper Devyatkin, 2002 珀酣弄蝶;

3) Taractrocera maevius (Fabricius, 1793) 薇黃弄蝶;

4) Thoressa monastyrskyi Devyatkin, 1996 黑斑陀弄蝶.

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