Hong Kong Moth Series Progress Report 香港蛾類圖鑑系列進展報告

The 1st volume was published on 22nd December 2014 with five families namely Zygaenidae, Sphingidae, Bombycidae, Eupterotidae and Saturniidae. It has 64 pages, soft bound with listed price for HK$75. It sold at a discount for HK$60 at the Fanling Show.

To our patrons, we have started to work on volume Two and probably volume Three to be made available for the coming 2015 Hong Kong Book Fair. The 2nd Volume will include the following families: Callidulidae, Erebidae, Lacturidae, Limacodidae, Phaudidae and Uraniidae.

卷一圖鑑已於2014年12月22日出版, 書中包含斑蛾科、 天蛾科、 蠶蛾科、帶蛾科和王蛾科共五科的蛾類。全書合共六十四頁,平裝定價HK$75 並以優惠價HK$60 在2014北區花鳥蟲魚展發售。

為了答謝大家的支持,我們已著手於卷二的出版工作,並期望卷三能在2015的書展前出版。圖鑑卷二將包括以下六科蛾類:錨紋蛾科、 裳蛾科、  擬斑蛾科、刺蛾科、榕蛾科及 燕蛾科。

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