New Councils for 2015-16 2015-16年度新理事

Hi All

The financial year for 2014-15 has almost come to an end and it is time to nominate our new councils for 2015-16 at the coming AGM,  some time in April.

Any member (informally must be a life member) who is interested to work as Council,  please write to Ms. Jojo Ng, our secretary at  Please also give her the person who seconds as well by 15th February, 2015, the last day for registration.

DO note that all works by members including Councils are done on a free voluntary basis for HKLS. No payment or in lieu will be paid by HKLS.

The minimum number of councils for HKLS is six.

Yours faithfully

James John Young

Chairman HKLS


2014-15的財政年度即將完結,現在該是籌辦2015-16年度新理事會的時候了, 新一屇的理事會成員將於2015年4月的週年股東大會中選出。

如任何會員(非正式必须是一个终身會員)對理事會工作感興趣,請於2015年2月15日或之前連同推薦人資料電郵至  與本會秘書吳小姐登記。

請注意 : 作為本會會員(包括理事會成員) ,為本會服務的任何工作皆屬義務及自願性工作 , 均不獲任何酬金或任何代替酬金形式的收益。



主席  楊建業

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