New Year’s Message by the Chairman

Happy New Year to all members. May you all have a prosperous and joyful year ahead.

The year 2015 has almost come to an end. We have accomplished a lot looking back the past year.

Our Society is formed as a company limited by guarantee and registered charitable organization. The Councils as well as members who have assisted in various of our events and projects are all working as volunteers offering themselves to the Society.

We had not paid out any compensation nor reimbursement of expenses to all members as we had voted against any such payments. All cash receipts to the Society are for the further study and education of the butterflies and moths.

We had published two volumes of our moths series and the recent tiny pictorial guide book for butterflies – 5th edition during the North District Fair. A series of papers on DNA bar coding of several hesperids are planned with a couple already published during the year, leading to the final – a forensic investigation of a cryptic species in Hong Kong, hopefully in the coming year.

The book on “A study of skippers (family Hesperiidae) in Hong Kong” is on the pipeline and hope to finish by 2016. Some members are working on a review of a certain genus of butterflies in Hong Kong and the paper is hoped to finalize in the later part of 2016.

We have planned to have a couple of open days of our Society’s office to the public in the coming months and welcome any schools or education bodies alike to contact us for their private visits. Our office holds many specimens and books of butterflies and moths.

Finally, I would thank all members and friends who have offered their assistance to the Society and patrons for our books to support our course in the study of butterflies and moths, not the least our AFCD who has maintained our wonderful Country Parks for us.

James John Young


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