A Word of Thanks

We would like to thank our patrons for our publications and those who came afar to the ‘North District Flower, Insect and Fish Festival’ for the fifth edition of our new Butterfly Pictorial Guide.

Our sales were a record for the Society. All our proceeds will go towards sustaining the Society’s further study of butterflies and moths. We thank again all members who voluntarily assisted in setting up, and helped out at, the HKLS booth at the Fair. Special thanks also go to our friends from the Mainland who came to support us with encouragement and extended helping hands in selling our publications.

Many welcomed the new book with specimens and pictures of the new Bibasis jaina, Parnara apostata, Allotinus drumila and a live photograph of the female Baoris farri. However, we are very sorry to say that, in light of the tight time frame during our editorial process, we discovered a few errors following publication. We kindly ask our patrons to pardon the team who worked in their free time for nothing in return.

James John Young



  As printed 印刷 Should be 更正
Page 4 left middle White Dragontail Five-bar Swordtail
第十一頁 編號56 – 曲紋袖弄蝶 曲紋弄蝶
第二十四頁左中圖 曲紋袖弄蝶 曲紋弄蝶

Page 72

編號178 – 77頁

No. 178 – page 77

77, 79

Page 77,79

第七十九頁右上圖Page 79 top right 擬旖斑蝶Ceylon Blue Glassy Tiger Ideopsis similis similis 絹斑蝶 Glassy Tiger Parantica aglea melanoides
第八十七頁右下圖Page 87 bottom right 小眉眼蝶Dark-brand Bush Brown 三瞿眼蝶Small Three-ring
Page 98 top left (Spring Form) To delete
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