HKLS COUNCILS 2016- 2017 香港鱗翅目學會2016-2017委員會

The 2015–2016 term of the Council Members has almost come to an end. The new Councils will be voted upon during the coming Annual General Meeting.

The following six existing Council Members have offered themselves again voluntarily to be re-elected in the coming 2016 Annual General Meeting, to be held at 2:30pm on 7th May 2016 HKLS office. The AGM notice will be duly delivered to all members in due course through email and advertised on our HKLS website.

2015-16 的委員會任期將届滿,2016-17 的委員會成員將於週年股東大會中選出。以下現任委員會成員願意繼續參與2016年的委員會工作,義務為本會服務。

Mr. James John YOUNG                楊建業           Chairman

Ms. Chong Shong Jojo WU            吳滄桑           Secretary and Treasurer


Ms. Yee Kwan Tina WONG           王怡君

Mr. Shiu Man YAU                           丘紹文

Ms. Po Chu Shirley YU                    余寶珠






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