NOTICE  IS  HEREBY  GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of Council Members of the abovenamed Society will be held at 17/F., Unit B, Kin Ga Industrial Building, No. 9 San On Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong on 14th May, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. for the following purposes:-

To receive and consider the Financial Statements for the year ended 31st March, 2016 together with the Reports of Council and Auditors.

To elect Council Members in place of those retiring.

To appoint Auditors for the ensuing year and fix their remuneration.

To transact any other ordinary business of the Society.

On behalf of the Council Member

James John Young


HONG KONG 10th April, 2016


Note:   Members who are entitled to attend and vote at the above Meeting are entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote in their stead.  A proxy needs not be a member of the Society.

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HKLS COUNCILS 2016- 2017 香港鱗翅目學會2016-2017委員會

The 2015–2016 term of the Council Members has almost come to an end. The new Councils will be voted upon during the coming Annual General Meeting.

The following six existing Council Members have offered themselves again voluntarily to be re-elected in the coming 2016 Annual General Meeting, to be held at 2:30pm on 7th May 2016 HKLS office. The AGM notice will be duly delivered to all members in due course through email and advertised on our HKLS website.

2015-16 的委員會任期將届滿,2016-17 的委員會成員將於週年股東大會中選出。以下現任委員會成員願意繼續參與2016年的委員會工作,義務為本會服務。

Mr. James John YOUNG                楊建業           Chairman

Ms. Chong Shong Jojo WU            吳滄桑           Secretary and Treasurer


Ms. Yee Kwan Tina WONG           王怡君

Mr. Shiu Man YAU                           丘紹文

Ms. Po Chu Shirley YU                    余寶珠






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Deadline for talks 講座截止日期

The deadline to register for the talks is 12th March 2016. Please register with our Ms. Wu at as soon as possible.  Seats are on the first-come-first-serve basis.


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Today, we are honoured to receiving over 1000 specimens (of both butterflies and moths including also some other insects) donated to our Society by a generous amateur. His collection goes back some 40 years. It includes the remnant of Castalius rosimon (Lycaenidae).

We treasure his collection and the specimens will be used to further promote lepidopterolgy.

We thank him again for his kind support.

James Young


今天,本會好榮幸得到一位資深蝴蝶愛好者慷慨損贈了超過1000隻(包括蝴蝶、飛蛾和一些昆蟲)的珍藏標本,部分收藏品更超過40年歷史,包括極之罕有的灰蝶科 – 豹灰蝶, 極其珍貴。



會長 楊建業


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HKLS Open House 香港鱗翅目學會開放


Date and time 開放日期及時間

19/3 Saturday     星期六      10:00 – 16:00

20/3 Sunday      星期日      10:00 – 16:00

21/3 Monday      星期一      10:00 – 13:00

Place 地址 :

Unit B & C, 17th floor, Kin Ga Industrial Building, No. 9 San On Street, Tuen Mun,New Territories.  香港新界屯門新安街9 號堅基工業大廈17樓B及C室


時間 Time 11:00 ~12:00

Title of talk


Identifying butterflies at larval/immature stages

講者 Speaker 楊建業先生 Mr. James Young
語言 Language 粵語 Cantonese
時間 Time 14:00~15:00

Title of talk


Rearing butterflies

講者Speaker 蔡劍鵬 先生 Mr.Harry Choi
語言 Language 粵語 Cantonese
時間Time 11:00 ~12:00

Title of talk


Identifying butterfly techniques

講者 Speaker 楊建業先生 Mr. James Young
語言 Language 粵語 Cantonese
時間Time 14:00~15:30
Title of talk Moth Magic – an introduction to moths
Speaker Dr. Roger Kendrick
Language English

Fee 費用: Free of charge 全免

Please book with our Ms. Ng at to register for the talks. We have 30 seats available on a first-come-first-serve basis. HKLS      members have priority.

報名: 請電郵至jojonghkls@gmail.com與吳小姐登記,名額每節30人,額滿即止。會員   先。

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Open House – extra day 添加一天開放日

在各方朋友良好的反應及會員支持下, 我們特此添加2016年319日星期六作開放日, 以方便各在職人士。進一步的細節內容, 請密切留意本會三月初的公佈


19/3 星期六 10:00 – 16:00

20/3 星期日 10:00 – 16:00

21/3 星期一 10:00 – 13:00


 With favourable responses and members’ support, we add an extra day of 19th March 2016, a Saturday for our Open House.

 Further details on any talks and arrangement will be uploaded in the beginning of March.

Please mark down on your diary and check our annoucement from time to time.

Date and time for Open House are as follow:

19/3  Saturaday         10:00 – 16:00

20/3  Sunday             10:00 – 16:00

21/3  Monday           10:00 – 13:00

Welcome to HKLS


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 時間 : 10:00-16:00

地點 :  新界屯門新安街9號堅基工業大廈17樓B C室

活動內容:  珍貴標本展覽(包括無針標本)、講座(暫定內容蝶、蛾的辨認及飼養等)、歷史足 跡(歷年有關蝴蝶資訊及發展的剪報及相片)。





 It is the first time that our Society opens to the public and is set on 20th and 21st March 2016 respectively. The aim is to provide a medium to the general public to know more about our butterflies and moths and to meet friends during the occasion.

Time : 10:00 – 16:00

Venue: 17th floor, Unit B & C, Kin Ga Industrial Building, no. 9 San On Street, Tuen Mun, N.T., Hong Kong

Programme: Specimens display ( including unppined models), talks (Id and rearing on butterflies and moths tentatively), past years of newspaper cuttings on news of butterflies and moths.

Fee: Free of charge

If any educational bodies wish to have special visit, please write to our Ms Wu at We will try to arrange.

Welcome to HKLS

16th February, 2016

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Councils for 2016

Dear Members,

The financial year for 2015 has almost come to an end and it is time to elect our new councils for 2016 at the AGM some time in April.

If any life member is interested to work voluntarily as Council, please write to Ms. Jojo Ng, our secretary at . Please give her the person who seconds as well by 5th March, 2016, the last day for registration.

PLEASE note that all works by members including Councils are done on a voluntary basis in HKLS. No payment or in lieu will be paid by HKLS.

James John Young

Chairman HKLS



如任何終身會員對理事會工作感興趣,請於2016年3月5日或之前連同推薦人資料電郵至  與本會秘書Jojo Ng登記。

請注意:作為本會會員(包括理事會成員) ,為本會服務的任何工作皆屬義務及自願性工作,均不獲任何酬金或任何代替酬金形式的收益。


主席  楊建業

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Mr. Arex Sui Hong,  LI  李肇康 was struck off from the HKLS Membership with immediate effect as of 12th January 2016.

His outspoken appearance in the interview with Apple Daily on 15th February 2015 was not authorised and did not reflect the view of the Council nor the Society.


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A Word of Thanks

We would like to thank our patrons for our publications and those who came afar to the ‘North District Flower, Insect and Fish Festival’ for the fifth edition of our new Butterfly Pictorial Guide.

Our sales were a record for the Society. All our proceeds will go towards sustaining the Society’s further study of butterflies and moths. We thank again all members who voluntarily assisted in setting up, and helped out at, the HKLS booth at the Fair. Special thanks also go to our friends from the Mainland who came to support us with encouragement and extended helping hands in selling our publications.

Many welcomed the new book with specimens and pictures of the new Bibasis jaina, Parnara apostata, Allotinus drumila and a live photograph of the female Baoris farri. However, we are very sorry to say that, in light of the tight time frame during our editorial process, we discovered a few errors following publication. We kindly ask our patrons to pardon the team who worked in their free time for nothing in return.

James John Young



  As printed 印刷 Should be 更正
Page 4 left middle White Dragontail Five-bar Swordtail
第十一頁 編號56 – 曲紋袖弄蝶 曲紋弄蝶
第二十四頁左中圖 曲紋袖弄蝶 曲紋弄蝶

Page 72

編號178 – 77頁

No. 178 – page 77

77, 79

Page 77,79

第七十九頁右上圖Page 79 top right 擬旖斑蝶Ceylon Blue Glassy Tiger Ideopsis similis similis 絹斑蝶 Glassy Tiger Parantica aglea melanoides
第八十七頁右下圖Page 87 bottom right 小眉眼蝶Dark-brand Bush Brown 三瞿眼蝶Small Three-ring
Page 98 top left (Spring Form) To delete
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