A Word of Thanks

We would like to thank our patrons for our publications and those who came afar to the ‘North District Flower, Insect and Fish Festival’ for the fifth edition of our new Butterfly Pictorial Guide.

Our sales were a record for the Society. All our proceeds will go towards sustaining the Society’s further study of butterflies and moths. We thank again all members who voluntarily assisted in setting up, and helped out at, the HKLS booth at the Fair. Special thanks also go to our friends from the Mainland who came to support us with encouragement and extended helping hands in selling our publications.

Many welcomed the new book with specimens and pictures of the new Bibasis jaina, Parnara apostata, Allotinus drumila and a live photograph of the female Baoris farri. However, we are very sorry to say that, in light of the tight time frame during our editorial process, we discovered a few errors following publication. We kindly ask our patrons to pardon the team who worked in their free time for nothing in return.

James John Young



  As printed 印刷 Should be 更正
Page 4 left middle White Dragontail Five-bar Swordtail
第十一頁 編號56 – 曲紋袖弄蝶 曲紋弄蝶
第二十四頁左中圖 曲紋袖弄蝶 曲紋弄蝶

Page 72

編號178 – 77頁

No. 178 – page 77

77, 79

Page 77,79

第七十九頁右上圖Page 79 top right 擬旖斑蝶Ceylon Blue Glassy Tiger Ideopsis similis similis 絹斑蝶 Glassy Tiger Parantica aglea melanoides
第八十七頁右下圖Page 87 bottom right 小眉眼蝶Dark-brand Bush Brown 三瞿眼蝶Small Three-ring
Page 98 top left (Spring Form) To delete
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New Year’s Message by the Chairman

Happy New Year to all members. May you all have a prosperous and joyful year ahead.

The year 2015 has almost come to an end. We have accomplished a lot looking back the past year.

Our Society is formed as a company limited by guarantee and registered charitable organization. The Councils as well as members who have assisted in various of our events and projects are all working as volunteers offering themselves to the Society.

We had not paid out any compensation nor reimbursement of expenses to all members as we had voted against any such payments. All cash receipts to the Society are for the further study and education of the butterflies and moths.

We had published two volumes of our moths series and the recent tiny pictorial guide book for butterflies – 5th edition during the North District Fair. A series of papers on DNA bar coding of several hesperids are planned with a couple already published during the year, leading to the final – a forensic investigation of a cryptic species in Hong Kong, hopefully in the coming year.

The book on “A study of skippers (family Hesperiidae) in Hong Kong” is on the pipeline and hope to finish by 2016. Some members are working on a review of a certain genus of butterflies in Hong Kong and the paper is hoped to finalize in the later part of 2016.

We have planned to have a couple of open days of our Society’s office to the public in the coming months and welcome any schools or education bodies alike to contact us for their private visits. Our office holds many specimens and books of butterflies and moths.

Finally, I would thank all members and friends who have offered their assistance to the Society and patrons for our books to support our course in the study of butterflies and moths, not the least our AFCD who has maintained our wonderful Country Parks for us.

James John Young


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Printed and Published 2015


Ready for the 北區花鳥蟲魚展覽會 North District Flower Bird Insect And Fish Show 23rd  to 28th December 2015

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New book 新書

 COVER_9 Dec to upload


加入蝴蝶分科及種類排列表, 蝴蝶分類檢索表

A5尺寸105mm x 148mm 共103頁 價格為HK$ 55

Photographic Handbook of Hong Kong Butterflies (5th Ed.)

Scientific names updated

Include classification of butterflies and checklist

Use specimens as added references for similar butterflies

All recorded species including photographic records are inlcuded in this book

With 270 species and over 500 pictures

A5 size 105mm x 148mm 103 pages listed price HK$55


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HKLS -北區花鳥蟲魚展覽會 North District Flower Bird Insect And Fish Show

INSECT BOOTH各位:             


同時歡迎各位會員前來參與書籍售賣的義務工作,有興趣的會員請電郵至 jojonghkls@gmail.com  報名,具體的營業地點、日期及時間如下:

地點:新界粉嶺新運路「粉嶺遊樂場」攤位 26  

2015年12月23日              下午1時至6時;

2015年12月24日至27日  上午9時30分至下午6時;

2015 年12月28日             上午9時30分至下午5時;







The North District Flower Bird Insect And Fish Show is scheduled to open on 23rd to 28th December 2015 at Fanling this year. As in the past, HKLS will operate a booth at the Show. We welcome any insects and butterflies enthusiasts to visit us and buy our books at the same time.

Any HKLS members who wish to participate voluntarily in assisting selling our books, please send email to jojonghkls@gmail.com .

The place, date and time are as follows:

Place: Booth 26 at Fanling Recreation Ground, San Wan Road, Fanling, N.T. 

23rd December 2015                            1:00pm to 6:00pm

24th to 27th December 2015                 9:30am to 6:00pm

28th December 2015                              9:30am to 5:00pm 

When you write, please specify the date and time that you wish to assist. There will be two shifts morning and afternoon each day. HKLS will write and confirm on receiving your email.


 Jojo HKLS

8th December 2015

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The complete mitochondrial genome of the butterfly Hasora anura (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)

coverThe complete mitochondrial genome of the butterfly Hasora anura (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)

by Juping Wang, Young James John, Shanbin Xuan, Tianwen Cao, and Xiangqun Yuan

has been published on Taylor & Francis Online. It is available at: http://www.tandfonline.com/…/…/10.3109/19401736.2015.1089543.

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Open for office

Our office will be opened for maintenance on 19th November 2015 from 9:30am onwards.

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HKLS will open for office on 3rd November 2015 from 9:30am till noon.  If anyone wishes to come and buy our books, please send us an email at info@hkls.org


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Ypthima imitans Elwes & Edwards 1893 now confirmed in Hong Kong

It is now confirmed that both Ypthima imitans and Ypthima motscholskyi are in Hong Kong.

It seems Ypthima imitans prefer higher grounds on Lantau Island. In fact both species are found almost in the same area on Lantau Island.

The genitalia below of Y. imitans is confirmed by Dr. Yoshinobu Uémura. I wish to thank Dr. Uémura for his kind assistance.

James Young



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HKLS Membership cards

Dear HKLS Members

Your Council had prepared membership cards to be distributed to all members this year. Our secretary will be writing to you for your update mailing address. In fact, if you are viewing this post, you can write in for your update to info@hkls.org so that we can send it to you safely.

James J. Young



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